Below are just a few facts about squash. If you know anymore and think others might be interested in them. Tell me all about it by clicking the link below. Thanks!

Sports facts

Let and Stroke in Squash

To stop all the arguments on the court, here is the difference very simply. A let is when your opponent stops you getting to play the ball, and a stroke is when your opponent is in the way of the ball travelling towards the front wall when you are going to hit it.

Squash rackets

Harrow School in the 1800s is the birthplace of squash rackets, which then became known as squash.

Squash ball colours

White ball – Used on a glass exhibition court in competitions.
Double Yellow Dot – Slowest ball and used in competitions
Single Yellow Dot – A bit slower than the Red dot.
Red – Fastest ball, used by beginners.

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