Winter Olympic Sports

Originally, in early Olympics, football, rugby and hockey were classed as winter Olympic sports.

Are you eligible to play for the Barbarians?

Well, the only criteria a player must fulfill to receive an invitation from The Barbarians to play are that the player’s rugby is of a good standard and that they behave themselves on and off
the field. Yet a barbarian is a human who is perceived to be uncivilised or primitive! Remember that famous Gareth Edward’s ‘try’, starting in the Ba Baas own 22 and flowing the
full length, seven passes, three sidesteps and one dummy leading to the first try of the game. Normally, players receiving the ball in their own 22 would kick to touch and play the safe option. I’m pleased they didn’t.


Why is called a ‘try’ in Rugby?

A ‘try’ in rugby was once worth nothing. However, it gave the player, who achieved one, the opportunity to ‘try’ to score a goal, hence its name. Goals were scored by kicking over the crossbar and between two posts, therefore converting the try into a goal, a goal being worth one point.