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Sports facts

Winter Olympic Sports

Originally, in early Olympics, football, rugby and hockey were classed as winter Olympic sports.

First South American Football Team

1887 1st South American Team is formed Gimnasia y Esgrina de la Plata, Argentina.

1860 First Non-British football team

1860 First Non-British team in the world. Lausanne, Switzerland.

first ever football club

Sheffield FC 1st football club in the world founded in 1857.

Sports Facts, Tav Chlordane

Indirect free kicks only

The original free kick in football was always Indirect (the ball had to be passed before a goal can be scored). It was adopted into the game in 1877. Later, for more serious fouls, the Direct Free Kick was added to differentiate between the violence and injures caused by the more serious fouls.


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No fouls in Football

In the original set of football rules, there was no ‘foul’ included. The reason for this was that football was a game played by gentlemen and a foul would have been ungentlemanly behaviour. An apology to the player fouled was all that was needed.


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