Below are just a few facts about fitness. If you know anymore and think others might be interested in them. Tell me all about it by clicking the link below. Thanks!

Sports facts

Bleep Test statistics

To complete the Multi Stage Fitness test, you must run an accumulative 4920m and it will take you 21:56 minutes to do so. You will also complete 247 laps and reach a speed of 18.5km an hour or 11.5 miles per hour.

David Beckham didn’t complete the Bleep Test

David Beckham did not complete the Multi Stage Fitness Test (Bleep Test). The record (ATOW) is Level 17 Shuttle 1. A few athletes share the record and they are Sebastian Coe of Athletics, football player Lee Gong Dook, Zain Wright from Field hockey and basketball’s Steve Nash.

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