Below are just a few facts about equestrian. If you know anymore and think others might be interested in them. Tell me all about it by clicking the link below. Thanks!

Sports facts

The Olympic torch and it’s journey

The Olympic torch on route to its host city has travelled in many ways, it is usually carried by runners, I have even carried one! It has also travelled on boats, airplanes (including the now obsolete Concorde), on horseback, on the back of a camel, via radio signal, underwater, in a canoe, it has also been into space!

Down to the wire

The expression ‘Down to the wire’ came from horse racing and is used in a close finish. Horse races would have a length of wire stretched across a racetrack at the finish line to help determine the winner.

Favourites don’t always win!

In horse racing, the favourite wins fewer than 30% of the time!

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